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Which Weber Series is best for my needs


Any search for the ideal 2-barrel, progressive down-draft carburetor would surely end with the DGV Series. look no further for versatility, wide adaptability, easy installation, low initial cost, trouble-free maintance, excelent drivabality, increased fuel economy and improved preformance. Designed for engines displacing 1200cc-2300cc,  the DGV Series Carburetors featurediaphragm type accelerator pump circuits and models with manual, water or electric choke actuation. The DGV also has a power valve circut to facilitate low vacuum running conditions.

Where the tendency for engines to diesel or "run-on" exists, we recomendthe use ofour DGV Series carburetors with integral idle cut-off units. these ICU carburetors inhibit the tendencyto diesel by positivively shutting off the supply of fuel to the idle circuit when the engineis switched off. this situation is particulary prevalant with later model engines.

Greater improvements in throttle response at a slight penalty in fuel economy can be achived by using the 38 DGAS or 38 DPS synchronous-opening model. Both can be used as a high performance alternative to most any DGV applications. They must be used with Redline adaptor number 99004.333 or may require grinding for buterfly clearance where mounted directly to the intake manifold. 

See more about the 32/36 or 38 choice.





The DFV Series offers the same increased performance, economy, driveablility and excelent valueas does the DGV Series. The basic design of the DFV Carburetors is that of the DGV Series. but as a mirror image, with the primary and secondary barrel position reversed in the body While the throttle lever in the DFV rotetes in a clockwise motion it rotates counter clockwise in the DGV. The DFV also features a power valve circut to facilitate low vacuum running conditions-perfect for long duration, high output situations. You get the same value, parts availability and durability as with the DGV in a carburetor suited for your needs. 





With its central float chambers, full calibration capabilities, compact alloy body and wide variety of available sizes, the IDF Series has been and continues to be the winning choice for a synchronous, 2 barrel, downdraft carburetor. The IDF features diaphragm type accelerator pump circuits and ball bearing throttle shafts. When used with an adapter, the IDF will replace the Solex 40 PII carburetors used on many Porsches. The IDF is ideal for use on most opposed-cylinder engines, or on engines where the intake ports are nearly vertical. Offering relative low cost for performance gained, the IDF is hard to beat.

And now Redline offers the IDF XE Series carburetors, for use in extreme or severe environments. Complete XE Carburetors include: Extended Emulsion Tube Holders and Adjustable, Spring-Loaded Accelerator Pump Actuating Rods. These XE Carburetors are built to Redline specifications completely by Weber in Italy. 

To update or convert other IDF Carburetors to XE specifications, we also offer the XES Kits, which include: Double-Sealed Throttle Shaft Bearings, Extended Emulsion Tube Holders, and Asbestos Heat-Insulator Mounting Blocks.

Redline, Weber, & can you lose?




With a Grand Prix Racing heritage, the venerable DCOE is Weber's primier Carburetor, and still the standard by which all other carburetors are measured. It is unsurpassed for full-race use, yet its infinite tunabilty by way of interchangable calirated parts allows it to be tailored to suit any engine and application. Hardly enough can be said about the DCOE. Its features include: ball bearing throttle shafts, pistion type accelerators pump circuits, a wide variety of throttle bore sizes.. and, of course, the excellence that is Weber.




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