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34 ICT

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Float level settings

Standard float setting is 6  to 6.5mm measured top of float  to gasket not loading spring loaded ball on needle


Float setting notes  

  1. Fuel pressure is critical to float spillage. Redline recommends 2.5 to 3 lbs.

2. For aggressive off-road float drop should be limited to 8 mm max drop. Measured float to gasket

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Key Calibrated Parts

11) 79516-xxx Needle and seat (Steel needle)

79519-xxx (Viton performance needle)

12) 41015-011 Brass Float

9)   73801-xxx Main Jet

41) 77201-xxx Air corrector Jet

21) 74409-xxx Idle Jet

19) 52570-009 Idle Jet Holder

37) 79701-xxx Pump By-Pass Jet   

39) 76407-xxx Accelerator pump Jet


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